CSEP Advisory Board Statement of Responsibilities

  1. Primary representative organization for the CSEP to all water quality stakeholders
  2. Determination and maintenance of the CSEP’s ongoing mission, purpose and ethical standards of conduct
  3. Create, approve, and monitor for effectiveness, the policies and procedures used to govern the CSEP, including participation standards for all organizations and individuals affiliated with the CSEP
  4. Final arbitrator of all disputes among CSEP stakeholders
  5. Provide approval, oversight and supervision of CSEP Construction Reviewers (CR)
  6. Coordinate and approve all CSEP funding sources or sponsorships
  7. Approve CSEP performance awards and recognition for participants
  8. Promote local and national public awareness of the USMS and the CSEP and the benefits this approach brings to NPDES Stormwater Permit compliance and water quality
  9. Periodically assess the performance of the CSEP Stakeholders and make program adjustments as necessary.
  10. Per 25-8-802 (3) CRS, the Board shall “provide a yearly summary report that describes in detail significant program accomplishments and changes and that adequately demonstrates the overall performance of the administrator’s program in improving participant compliance with Participant’s storm water permits”