The CSEP Advisory Board

The CSEP is a first-of-its-kind standardized Environmental Management System (EMS) – based stormwater compliance assurance program for the construction industry.  One important aspect of the program’s success is the CSEP Advisory Board.  The role of the CSEP Advisory Board (Board) is to establish the rules of the program and then ensure that the participating members and stakeholders involved operate in accordance with those CSEP standards and guidelines. The Board serves to uphold the integrity and credibility of the program and support the primary mission of the CSEP to improve permit compliance, reduce the regulatory resources needed to enforce the permit, and protect water quality in the state of Colorado.

The CSEP Board is currently made up of volunteer public and private stakeholders. Board members serve one-year terms and may serve consecutive terms at the discretion of the Board. Existing Board members may nominate additional members for primary terms and or existing board members for consecutive terms.

Board members generally assemble once per quarter but may meet more frequently as required. The number of voting Board members will be limited to whatever the Board feels is most effective to achieve the goals of the CSEP. CSEP Board members receive no monetary compensation.

See the CSEP Organization Diagram.