CSEP Strategic Framework

CSEP Mission

To continually improve the effectiveness of the CDPS Construction Stormwater regulations and associated compliance efforts for the benefit of all water quality stakeholders in Colorado by providing a platform where  innovative compliance methodologies can be shared, implemented, measured, improved and then be made available for widespread use.

CSEP Advisory Board Purpose

The purpose of the CSEP Advisory Board is to support the mission of the CSEP through effective oversight of its policies and procedures and through active promotion of the program in both the regulatory and regulated communities, and the general public.  The CSEP Advisory Board is the principal entity charged with ensuring, through the CSEP’s governing policies, that the highest standards of excellence and integrity are met by all organizations and individuals involved in the program.

CSEP Ethical Standards of Conduct

One foundational concept of the CSEP approach is that sustainable water quality improvements will occur most rapidly when all stakeholders, both public and private, are provided with positive incentives for program involvement that encourage working together for the common good.

The CSEP Advisory Board recognizes that various water quality stakeholders may wish to become affiliated with the CSEP for different environmental, financial, political or personal reasons. Facilitating win/win opportunities that achieve the diverse desires of all stakeholders while ultimately benefiting water quality in the state will promote the rapid and long-term success of the program.

A primary focus of the CSEP Advisory Board is to protect the long-term interests and maintain the credibility of the CSEP by insuring that each CSEP stakeholder is contributing to the program in the spirit of this win/win philosophy. Therefore:

Any stakeholder who purposefully or knowingly derives any type of benefit from the CSEP at the detriment of another stakeholder, performs fraudulent acts or grossly misrepresents the program may be immediately removed from association with the CSEP at the sole discretion of the Board.